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TrueView - The Recruiters Cloud Platform for efficient hiring

Fast Efficient Candidate Testing and Video Interviews

Evolving To Efficiency with an Online Interviewing Platform

Employers and Job Seekers today can’t afford to spend their time and money conducting in person interviews only to find out there was never even the possibility of a good match. When employers have detailed and accurate information about candidates they make better decisions as who to interview. When employees know more about companies and the exact positions being offered they make better decisions about accepting an interview. TrueView by Staffing Evolution brings this ideal scenario to reality through advanced candidate profiles and an online interviewing platform.

For Employers and Hiring Professionals


Make the interviewing process faster and more efficient for your organization. With our online video interviewing platform you can review candidate video introductions, ask candidate questions and view  video responses. Staffing Evolution gives you a  TrueView of your candidates before bringing them in-house.


Staffing Evolution will recommend, administer and score pre-employment tests that help identify job-related traits in candidates. Boost morale, lower training costs and increase employee retention with our selection of respected aptitude tests, personality tests, and skill-based tests.


Manage every step of the hiring process more efficiently. Use the Staffing Evolution hiring cloud platform and recruiting resources to get a TrueView of your candidates with video interviews and predictive performance testing. Organize and share results with your team effortlessly. Easy, efficient and affordable.


No lengthy contracts or expensive services to be locked in to. Staffing Evolution believes you should pay as you go, because if we deliver value then you’ll continue to use our service.  You can be up and using video interviews and candidate testing for free today, no credit card, no cost and you can continue to use our platform for free for 30 days! Try before you buy!

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