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Candidates Evaluate Employers, Too

Candidates evaluate Employers, too Your job posting is more than a detailed job description. It’s an ad for your organization.  It provides clues about how much your organization values a specific position and its workforce in general. Here are five ways job postings can go wrong: Sloppy Writing. Misused words, ambiguity, jargon, unusual acronyms, words with negative connotations and spelling errors do not represent an organization that cares about quality. Keyword Overload. You do want to consider search engine optimization, but using strings [...]

Tells Are Not Just For Poker Players

Tells are not just for poker players Some call it a gut feeling. Some call it intuition. However we label it, many of us trust an inner voice in making important decisions.  Should this not-quite-conscious input play a part in hiring decisions? I would suggest we trust – but verify. Gut feelings are valid in the sense that you can think of them as the result of super-rapid data processing. We take in an enormous amount of information and we do it quickly. [...]

Candidate Testing Improves Your Odds

Pre-employment testing improves your odds of a good hire because results are strong predictors of future performance. Relevant, objective data from aptitude, personality and skills tests make the overall hiring process more objective. Selecting the most relevant tests and implementing them correctly speeds selection, decreases turnover, improves productivity and morale and reduces training costs. Potential pitfalls include the use of tests that are not validated or are improperly implemented and interpreted. Sloppy pre-employment testing may even violate federal, state or [...]