Candidates Evaluate Employers, Too

Candidates Evaluate Employers, Too

Candidates evaluate Employers, too

Your job posting is more than a detailed job description. It’s an ad for your organization.  It provides clues about how much your organization values a specific position and its workforce in general.

Here are five ways job postings can go wrong:

  1. Sloppy Writing. Misused words, ambiguity, jargon, unusual acronyms, words with negative connotations and spelling errors do not represent an organization that cares about quality.
  2. Keyword Overload. You do want to consider search engine optimization, but using strings of keywords without unique and relevant content will result in a “low quality” SEO ranking.  Google Adwords Keywords is a free online resource that can help you focus on the most compelling words and phrases.
  3. Failure to Engage. You should clearly describe skills and responsibilities related to the job. However, job-seekers also want to know how your organization makes a difference and how the work they will do matters.
  4. Ignoring Environment and Culture. Will your ideal candidate work in a team? Solo?  Which city is home base? Is telecommuting or working remotely an option? What special perks do you offer? What kind of resources will the employee have access to?  How accomplished are potential colleagues? These aspects of the job can all be an important draw.
  5. Unfriendly Format. Don’t cram every skill, responsibility and expectation into one dense block of copy. Use a descriptive job title, subheads and bullets to make postings easy to skim. The application process should also be easy. No more than a few clicks should stand between you and the right candidates.

Savvy job-seekers realize a job posting that reads like boilerplate is probably aimed at building a database of candidates and not worth their time. Staffing Evolution can help you craft job postings that highlight your companies message and appeal to quality candidates.

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