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Hiring quality employees with speed and efficiency is the primary goal of any recruiting team. Compiling generic resumes, cover letters and hard to reach references from traditional jobs boards is a common practice. Qualifying a large pool of job candidates using this method can be exhausting, time consuming and drain your efficiency. Staffing Evolution solves all these inefficiencies through our TrueView for Employers online service.

Staffing Evolution has created an online recruiters’ platform with the singular focus of making the process of evaluation and qualification simple, effective and fast. Our cloud service has two primary components;  Video Interviewing and Candidate Testing.

This combination of powerful tools allows you to quickly cull a large list of candidates down to the most highly qualified.  Use the tactics and process that works best  for you. Start by watching candidate introduction videos for an effective method to quickly finding the right personality match. Use our online skill, aptitude and personality tests to quickly and accurately pre-screen all of your potential candidates for the attributes you are seeking.

Using these two powerful tools together will help you quickly identify the best qualified candidates in record time.

With this premium list of candidates in hand you’re ready for customized screening to identify the select candidates worthy of an in person interview. Once again, you can achieve this through efficient online automation. Through our TrueView platform you can request candidates to complete test(s) customized for the position in question. You can also request the candidate(s) to respond via video to a specific set of questions.  These tests and video questions can be created in advance and saved so you can easily present them to candidates applying to positions you frequently hire for.  Create once use many times!

Automated, customized candidate testing combined with video interviews gives recruiters and hiring professional like you the ability, throughput, knowledge and speed you need to be successful all while ensuring your candidates are meeting the quality standards you set.

Process more candidates efficiently, do it affordably and gain the competitive advantage of speed to hire through Staffing Evolutions TrueView online service.

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Make the interviewing process faster and more efficient for your organization. With our online video interviewing platform you can review candidate video introductions, ask candidate questions and view  video responses. Staffing Evolution gives you a  TrueView of your candidates before bringing them in-house.


Through Staffing Evolution you can administer and score pre-employment tests that help identify job-related traits in candidates. Boost morale, lower training costs and increase employee retention with our selection of respected aptitude tests, personality tests, and skill-based tests. You can even create customized tests as templates and automate the testing and evaluation process.


Manage your recruiting process more efficiently in the cloud. Use the Staffing Evolution cloud platform to get a TrueView of your candidates with video interviews and predictive performance testing. Organize and share results with your team effortlessly. Easy, efficient and affordable.


No lengthy contracts or expensive services to be locked in to. Staffing Evolution believes you should pay as you go, because if we deliver value then you’ll continue to use our service.  You can be up and using video interviews and candidate testing for free today, no credit card, no cost and you can continue to use our platform for free for 30 days! Try before you buy!

TrueView for Employers and Recruiters

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Conduct all recruiting tasks in an easy to use platform

Month To Month Pricing

No long term contracts here, just Month to Month Pricing as you need us.

Video Interviews

Gain insights by review candidate videos and have candidates answer your personalized questions via video.

Unlimited Pre-Employment Testing

Be sure you’re engaging the best and have your candidates complete skills, aptitude and personality tests. All available to you online.

Connect Anywhere Anytime

Our platform is in the cloud and can be easily navigated with your desktop PC, Tablet, Phablet or Smartphone.

New Features Roll Out

Our Team is developing new features all the time to continue to make your job easier and business profitable.

and more...

Use our recruiting platform to fit your needs and pay for only what you need.  You can use our video interviewing platform for only $95 a month, or use our candidate testing platform. Combine the two for a powerful solution with month to month billing!

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